Software Maintenance

Dental software isn’t something you replace every few years as your needs change

Most dentists want their software to accommodate new business opportunities and challenges, and to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Once you become a client, we’ll survey you regularly to find out what you like about our software and what you’d like to see improved. We’ll also ask you what features you currently use and what features you plan to use in the future. These surveys provide our team with a constant reminder of how well we’re meeting our client’s needs.

  • As an ABELDent user, you’ll have one of the largest teams of dental software developers in North America working for you.
  • As we update the software, clients with Software Maintenance Agreements automatically receive updates.
  • Over 85% of our clients actively subscribe to our software maintenance offerings!

Other benefits to being on Software Maintenance:

  • Updates that include new and improved features
  • Authorization Codes to add new dentists
  • Workstation license transfer between computers
  • Ongoing support for integration with third party products including most digital radiography systems

In addition, only Maintenance Subscribers are entitled to:

  • Add workstation licenses
  • Transfer your license on the sale of your practice

Software Support Plans

Take advantage of Free ABELDent Upgrades and Unlimited Toll Free Telephone Support by bundling a Flat Rate* Software Support Plan along with your Software Maintenance Subscription!

ABEL constantly reviews its support plans to ensure that we can meet the present and future needs of our customers. We offer several support plans.

Each ABEL Dental Software Inc. customer has different support requirements. If your office has hired new staff and are branching into using new areas of our ABEL products, you may want more comprehensive coverage than an office with experienced users that require minimal support.

Choose the level of support that best responds to your needs today - and change it as your needs change so you always have a perfect fit. The following support plans are described in more detail in the Support Guide.

Plan #1: Hours on Account (Renewable)
Plan #2: Flat Rate Support
Plan #3: Pay-as-you-go Support

*The Flat Rate Telephone Software Support plan is available to ABEL Software Maintenance Subscribers at a fixed cost, administration free alternative for those who want the piece of mind of knowing that they can call as often as they need to.

Flat Rate Telephone Software Support coverage includes basic procedural assistance for the use of ABEL software (excluding training, software customizations, hardware support, third party software support or related requests). This support is provided by telephone and remote Internet connection.

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