ABELDent Portal

ABELDent Portal delivers new depth to your patient engagment!

Designed specifically for ABELDent users, it's a communication solution that uniquely and seamlessly integrates your ABELDent data with the portal capabilities. This means your current patient information becomes the springboard for meaningful communication that is always well received.

Your patients will truly appreciate the convenience of secure electronic interaction with your office. ABELDent Portal enables patients to:

  • Receive appointment reminders and confirm by email, SMS/text
  • Schedule appointments for unscheduled treatment in ABELDent
  • Request emergency or other unplanned appointments
  • View their account balance
  • Review and inform you of changes in their demographic and insurance information
  • Complete and submit medical history forms in advance of their appointment
  • Recommend your practice to their friends and refer their friends to your practice
Coming Soon
  • Receive e-statements and e-receipts
  • Complete and submit forms that you can customize to suit your practice needs
  • Receive and submit patient satisfaction surveys

There are other products and services that provide some of the features listed above. ABELDent Portal subscribers benefit from ABEL’s unmatched ability to provide integration between ABELDent and the portal.

Note: ABELDent Portal is the next generation of ABELHealthNet, a portal that has been available to ABELDent users for a few years. The new ABELDent Portal includes more features, improved ease of use and support for a greater variety of devices.

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