ABELDent Mobile

Do you want access to information from your ABELDent system while you are away from the office? ABELDent Mobile provides ABELDent users with secure access to information stored in ABELDent from their smartphone or tablet.

With ABELDent Mobile, you can:

  • View your scheduled appointments
  • View planned treatment for patients
  • View scheduled and unscheduled appointments for patients
  • View notes and flags from patient records
  • View contact information for patients and contact them by phone, email or text message
  • Contact dentists that you refer to, and dentists that refer patients to you

ABELDent Mobile uses the new ABELDent Portal to keep your data secure. No data is stored on your phone or tablet, so your practice data is protected even if your device is lost or stolen.

ABELDent Mobile will initially be available for the most popular smartphone platforms: Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Support for Windows Mobile 7 platform will follow. ABEL will also release versions scaled to the most popular tablet platforms.

ABELDent Mobile is currently being tested in a limited pilot. Additional information about pricing and release dates will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Microsoft Gold Partner