ABELDent-Integrated Services

The following ABELDent-Integrated Services are just one more reason to join over 5500 of your colleagues that have already chosen ABELDent to meet their practice needs.

Key Performance Indicator Monitoring and Analysis
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics that an organization can use to measure progress toward the organization’s goals. KPIs are used to monitor the state of the organization and to help determine future action. In a dental practice, KPIs can simplify the large amount of data created in the practice and focus attention on the key measures that will help the practice make decisions. KPIs are an especially important tool in a dental practice, where the practice owner is usually busy treating patients.

ABELDent already contains much of the KPI data for your dental practice. ABEL Dental Software Inc. can help you to determine what KPI measures you want to use and how to get the KPI data from within and outside of ABELDent. We can also help you analyze KPI data - qualified professional management consultants will review your data and provide advice to improve your practice performance. In addition to reviewing your KPI data against your own objectives, we can help you to compare your KPI performance with industry averages and practices with similar profiles.

ABELDent Portal

ABELDent module that enables appointment confirmation by email and features to enhance communication between patients and practice. Learn more


Remote access to your schedule and other ABELDent data from your mobile phone or tablet. Learn more

Remote Backup Service
Any dental office can benefit from using our Remote Backup Service. For a low monthly fee, you can have your valuable data automatically backed up on a regular schedule. Our Remote Backup Service:

  • Stores your data safely and securely off-site where it can be quickly retrieved at any time
  • Saves you the time and effort of running daily backups
  • Protects against failed, lost or stolen backups
  • Saves the cost of back up media and/or other external backup or verification services
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to do your backup in-office, we offer a Data Backup Verification Service to ensure that the valuable data on your own backups is fully accessible and restorable from the media on which it is stored.

Internet-based Training with Hands-On Practice
To ensure that our clients benefit the most from ABELDent, ABEL Dental Software Inc. offers Internet-based Training with Hands-On Practice sessions. Sessions are held on a variety of topics including those related to specific updates, features or roles within a practice. Highlights include:

  • Training sessions are provided to small groups over the Internet
  • Sessions are more timely and cost-effective compared to in-office training
  • Innovative sessions that include both instructor-led and hands-on practice components
  • There is no limit to the number of staff that can participate
  • Each registered attendee will receive a certificate that can be submitted for Continuing Education Credit

All you need to participate is a web browser and a high speed Internet connection.

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