System Requirements

Purchasing and configuring hardware for an ABELDent implementation

ABEL will work with the hardware and network service provider of your choice to ensure that your ABELDent implementation goes smoothly. A properly configured, adequately powered system is one of the keys to ensuring that you get the most benefit from ABELDent.

The following documents will help you to ensure that your hardware and network are sufficient to run ABELDent, and/or help your hardware/network service provider to select and configure a system to run ABELDent.

Platform Requirements

The platform requirements document linked below contains Recommended and Minimum hardware requirements for systems running ABELDent.

View or print the ABELDent 11-13 Platform Requirements PDF.

View or print the ABELDent 9 Platform Requirements PDF.

ABELDent Platform Setup Conventions

The Setup Conventions document linked below contains information required to prepare your system to run ABELDent.

View or print the ABELDent Setup Conventions PDF.

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